Harbor Seal Smile

When the sky is pink
With a silver baby moon creeping up,
And the water is gray silk
I will slip in slick
Between the ripples.
When the air is still,
And the gulls are roosted,
My smooth head will part the waves.
And in the last warm rays,
At the waterline,
Curl gently, head up,
Tail up,
Flippers flexed,
Watching fiddler crabs skittle
Sandpipers dip and snitch,
A creamy rim of seafoam
Lapping my hips.
My eyes a smile,
My puppy face a smile,
My whole being arched;
A perfect smile.

Today on dVerse Poetics Kim inspired us to write a first-person poem, detailing some common trait shared with an animal, as in The Print The Whales Make. I am so smitten with harbor seals in their happy little banana pose.

14 thoughts on “Harbor Seal Smile

  1. Oh this is incredibly beautiful! I so love; “A creamy rim of seafoam/Lapping my hips/My eyes a smile/My puppy face a smile.” 💝💝

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  2. Aren’t seals beautiful? You’ve word-painted one perfectly here. Do you know the story of St Cuthbert and the seals who came out of the sea and dried his feet with their fleece? That story always makes me smile!

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  3. Welcome to the pub, Kat, with your harbour seal smile! We have several colonies of seals along the North Sea coast, especially here in North Norfolk, and one is not far from where I live, which I used to visit but, because of some unpleasant humans, particularly those who refused to keep their dogs on leads and leave rubbish, the beach is being more strictly protected. I love that you have written from the point of view of a seal, slipping between the ripples and smiling, which made me smile back! 😊

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    1. Thanks so much! I am lucky enough to live where there are harbor seals in the bay, and we have a few at our aquarium I visit regularly. They are such joyful and lithe creatures. The always make me feel the same in spite of myself.

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